Points Terms and Conditions

Unless otherwise defined herein, all capitalised terms used in this Privacy Policy have the same meaning as given to them in the Membership Term and Conditions (as applicable).

Donations to groups, schools, clubs, and charities
If you nominate that the contribution generated by your completion of a survey should go to a Fundraising Group this cannot be treated as a donation for tax purposes.

If a Fundraising Group does not have any supporters earning points for it in a 12 month period, AND the Group Administrator does not order any payments from Buzz Channel in the same 12 month period, Buzz Channel reserves the right to expire any Points earned for that Group.

Shopping Vouchers
If you nominate that the contribution generated by your completion of a survey should go towards a Shopping Voucher of your choice the following terms apply:

Each time you complete a survey for Buzz Channel, Buzz Channel will credit your Voucher Reward Total with the number of Points (Bee Points) that Buzz Channel have offered in the invitation email for the completion of that survey.

No Bee Points are offered for participation in ‘Have Your Say’ surveys and these surveys will be clearly communicated when the survey invitation is emailed to you.

When your Voucher Reward Total reaches 2000 or more Bee Points you can click on the ‘Request Voucher’ link in your membership area to request Buzz Channel to send you a voucher from the Buzz Channel voucher list. When you do this we will ask for your current postal address and this address will only be used to mail you your Voucher.

Vouchers will be mailed to you within 90 days of Buzz Channel receiving your request.

Buzz Channel reserves the right to vary the value of Bee Points and the number of Bee Points offered for any survey.

At any time prior to you requesting your voucher, you may log in to your membership area and transfer the amount in your Voucher Rewards Total to a Fundraising Group or nominated school.

If you don’t complete at least one survey in each 12 month period Buzz Channel reserves the right to expire your Points or cancel your membership, meaning any amounts accrued in your Shopping Voucher total can be cancelled.