How It Works


What it's all about

Buzzthepeople is a large and diverse group of New Zealanders who give us their views by completing short online surveys and in doing so, go into draws to earn rewards, make donations and to win all sorts of prizes. There are lots of reasons to try us, here's 4 of them:

  • Because your opinions are important, and right now people in business, Government departments and other organisations want to know what you think. This is your chance to tell it like it is, and get involved with New Zealand's big issues in our 'Have Your Say' surveys.
  • You can tell New Zealand companies exactly what you think about their advertising, services and products. Also - there is NO selling and you can sign off whenever you want.
  • You will be rewarded! There are lots of chances to win a whole bunch of prizes including over $20,000 worth of prizes each year.
  • You'll feel good. You can earn shopping vouchers or you can donate to your choice of a group, charity, school or sports club.

Research Surveys

Research Surveys are usually about products and services. There are many organisations that want to know what you think of what they are doing or planning so by taking part in our surveys you can directly influence the products and services you then buy or use. A few important points about our Research Surveys are:

  • Each time you do one for us, we either put money into a group, charity and school donation pool or we credit your shopping voucher pot with Bee Points, depending on which option you have nominated. Most surveys reward you with 100 Bee Points or $1 towards your group, charity, school or club. You can read more about this by clicking here.
  • You will be rewarded! There are lots of chances to win a whole bunch of prizes from our various exciting prize draws we run. To find out more about our prize draws, please click here.

Remember, every time you complete a Research Survey for us, you not only trigger the donation or payment into your shopping voucher pot, you also get an entry into our great monthly prize draws.

Have Your Say surveys

These surveys are about high interest, topical subjects and politics. Sometimes we do these for media companies, sometimes for political groups and sometimes off our own bat. Over the past year we've covered Biofuels, Money and Morals, Inheritances, Election issues, The Rugby World Cup stadium, Marketing of Credit plus others - and you can expect some meaty subjects as we approach the next elections.

A few important things about our Have Your Say surveys:

  • We'll always try to tell you who the client is, particularly if it is a political group (Buzz doesn't have any political affiliations incidentally and try hard to represent our panel's view rather than ours or our clients)
  • We always try to load the results on the website at the end of the study so you can check out what others said (something we usually can't do for our Research Surveys)
  • Taking part in Have Your Say surveys doesn't trigger the donations or shopping voucher credits but you do get your entries in the prize draws.

Money Raised So Far


has been donated to NZ schools, clubs and charities. These include St Mary's School, Youthline, Kidscan and The Malaghan Institute - just to name a few.

Shopping Vouchers

Over $199,159.00 in shopping vouchers have been earned by our members!

Plus Prizes

Over the last 5 years we have also given away 3 cars, a couple of laptops, an iPad, 3 x $10,000, a number of iPhones, various $500 prize packs and all this, outside of our monthly draws!