Buzz Fundraising


Group fundraising with Buzz Fundraising

  • Extend your fundraising outside the normal hard workers
  • Convenient for supporters - they take part only when it suits them
  • Each time your group gets to $50, log in and redeem your balance
  • Log in to see who is supporting you and what they've earned
  • Supporters can also win great prizes or donate these to your group


How much can we earn

How much your group earns largely depends on how many people sign up to support you. For example, Hospice NZ has 1,221 supporters and has earned over $18,000 from us over four years. Otumoetai Intermediate school has 271 supporters and has earned $1,450. A small school in Auckland has 10 supporters and has earned $385. The important thing is to get a range of people to join (men, women, young, old, different ethnicities and interest) as then you’ll get the most survey invitations.

How do we get people to join our group?

Once you've signed up, you can either use our 'Invite Supporters' page, or copy and paste a link we'll give you into your own email and send it to your supporters. If you have a website (e.g. a school, sports club, or charity), you can even put the link up on your website.

If you are a school joining up, we have noticed that the schools that get the kids to do the recruitment get a lot more sign ups than relying on newsletters to parents.

What kind of surveys do you do?

We have a very wide range of clients from public organisations like the District Health Boards, to advertising agencies and media companies. This means our survey topics are very broad. Most of them are interesting!

How long do surveys take?

We try very hard to keep all surveys under 10 minutes. However, sometimes we have to do longer ones, and when we do we tell you in the invitation email and we also offer more points for the survey.

Can I invite my Facebook Group to sign up?

Just post your group sign up link onto your Group wall on Facebook and invite people to join.

How do we know how much we've earned?

Each group has an administrator who can log in and see who is signed up as a supporter and how much they've earned.

How do we redeem our balance?

The administrator logs in and orders the redeem. When they do this, they tell us who to make the payment to. 

Will people we don't know be able to join our group?

When you set up your group you can tick a box to make it a 'Public Group'. This means that people signing up through our normal website, will see your group and be able to join. This is great for charities and large well known groups. If you don't tick the 'Public Group' your group remains 'Private' and people can only join if you or another supporter sends them your group link.

Can people leave our group?

At any time people can log in at buzzthepeople and change their reward settings or leave your group. Any points they have earned up until then stays with your group.

Can we close or stop our group?

Yes, you can close your group at any time. Any points under $50 will be forfeited (so good to close a group just after redeeming). All supporters will be automatically changed to be earning shopping vouchers for themselves. Supporters can unsubscribe from your group and buzzthepeople at any time - every email we send out has an unsubscribe option.

What happens if someone joins but then doesn't do a survey?

This is absolutely fine. If people are busy they can delete our email and hopefully they'll have time to do the next one. If they don't do any for a while, they may stop getting asked.

How many surveys will we get?

In general we like people to get one survey every 1 to 2 months. This may vary quite a bit depending on how many organisations are wanting to talk to New Zealanders.

Can we get more surveys?

No, the number of surveys really depends on our clients' needs and who they need to talk to at a particular time.

Will you ever phone us?

Never with a survey. The only time we occasionally phone someone is if they have won a prize.

Can I set up more than one group?

Yes, you can set up more than one group, but you'll need a different password for each one. E.g. you could have a cricket team for summer and a rugby team for winter.

Can people belong to more than one group?

No. People can only have one buzzthepeople membership.

How do we change groups?

Log in at buzzthepeople, click on 'Edit Details' and change your option.

Can supporters win prizes?

Yes! Your supporters will be in all the buzzthepeople prize draws. If they are drawn as cash prize winners we'll ask them if they want to share their cash prize with the group, and its up to them!

Can we have more than one administrator?

You may only have one administrator per group. One person can administrate more than one group, but they'll need different log in details. Also, you may only have one actual buzzthepeople membership.

How much money do we earn per survey?

In general you'll earn $1 towards your group for a 10 minute survey. If a survey is longer or more difficult, we'll offer you more money and we tell you this in the invitation email.

Can we choose which surveys we participate in?

If you are too busy, you can ignore our email invitation. Once you start we usually ask a series of questions to see if you are eligible for the survey. If you are not eligible you need to wait for the next survey invitation.

How old do I have to be to join buzzthepeople?

Any age is fine for joining up. If we are running a survey to younger people we may ask for their parent's or guardian's permission depending on the topic.


Fundraising Successes

So far with the buzzthepeople Fundraising program we have raised $458,388.40 for NZ schools, clubs, charities and individuals. These include: