buzzthepeople is a group of New Zealanders who simply tell us what they think by doing the occasional survey. In doing so our members go into draws to win prizes, donate their points to charity, raise money for their schools or sports clubs, or redeem their reward points for vouchers. We also regularly conduct our Have Your Say studies which are about highly topical events where you get the chance to have your say.


Fundraise for Charity or Groups

The easy way to fundraise for charity, schools or groups - our top charity has now earned $26,004! It’s simple, easy, and the more of you that are involved the more you can earn.

If your chosen group does not appear in the list on the right, choose Shopping Vouchers instead and you'll get a link to add your own group after signing up.

Or Earn Rewards for Yourself

If you’d rather earn a little something for yourself, you can choose from a list of popular store vouchers when you have earned over $20.

Monthly Prize Draws

Each month we run a new prize draw for everyone who takes part in a survey. Just by signing up here you'll automatically get an entry into this months prize draw too, plus extra chances to win!



To join up and become part of buzzthepeople please enter in your details below and we will contact you with more information.